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Professional Staging

Today’s buyers are more visual than ever. We live in the Instagram society – one that takes only a moment to become viral.  Which is exactly why staging is no longer a luxury, but rather a necessity when selling a property.

Real estate is competitive to begin with. When you consider the number of homes that flood the “selling season” each year, and buyer expectations, you need to put your best foot forward before you even hit the market. This begins with professional home staging.

Proven Success

While staging has been around for decades, the recent surge in popularity is credited to the rise in home-prices, which ironically is driven in part by successful staging. Real estate agents and developers report that 85% of staged properties sell up to 25% faster than those not staged. This is significant because the longer a property remains on the market, the more likely a price reduction will be required.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but an online photo or virtual tour of a property is worth a lot more than that. Which is why at M& H interiors, we partner with realtors, homeowners and builders to offer professional staging expertise that sell homes for top dollar, and often over the asking price. Staging a home before you invest in photography will also boost promotional efforts and provide a more polished look to a property listing.

It’s no secret that buyers can be inherently overwhelmed when searching for real estate, viewing multiple properties in a short amount of time. Professional staging helps them visualize their own rooms and helps to connect them to a property that can be their future home. It bonds them to a house and taps an emotional attachment faster than those that haven’t been staged.  

M&H Staging Solutions

From curb appeal to interior design, the right staging is about more than just shiny new furnishings and accents. It’s about understanding the specific style of home and the buyer for it, and then selecting the right pieces to complement the type of build you’re trying to sell. You don’t want a modern approach in a historic colonial, nor would you want farmhouse shiplap in a minimalist contemporary despite fleeting trends. Professional staging shouldn’t be about the designer’s personal style, it should be about supporting the look and feel of the property.

At M&H, we offer three types of staging solutions:

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Full Décor Furnishings

Whether we walk into an unfurnished property or move all current furnishings out to make way for staging, we bring in all the pieces needed for complete interior design of specific rooms or entire homes. From sofas and seating to wall and floor coverings, lighting, and accent pieces, we can help your buyer visualize themselves in a space.

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Partial Furnishings

Some homeowners don’t need full staging and require only specific pieces to complete a room or improve the look and feel of a home. Often, we use existing furniture and just move things around for better use of space and appeal to potential buyers. We create focal points to draw the eye to selling points and away from imperfections.

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Consultative Services

Sometimes all that is necessary is a trained professional’s eye. At M&H, we work with agents and homeowners to consult on interior design and staging projects by assessing a space and providing a vision board with ideas for you to take and make it your own. Our consultative services can help you get started and recommend ways to improve a home’s décor. Builders and developers are encouraged to consult with M&H prior to selecting finishes and paint colors to help with any future staging projects.

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