It’s not a renovation per se…it’s an evolution of style

Bring an 18th century home back to its former glory with 21st century comforts. Envision a current space differently and then see it through to fruition. Give a room, or a whole house, a much needed the facelift through interior design. Renovating a home does more than breathe new life into an existing property, it’ makes you fall in love with a space all over again.

M&H Interiors works with homeowners who have both recently purchased a property to make it their own and retrofit an existing space prior to moving in. In addition, we help those property owners who want to modernize and re-imagine a space they’ve living in for a while in order to fit their current needs. From full kitchen renovations and expansions to the addition of square footage and more living area, we partner with contractors and collaborate with owners to ensure that your ideas are made a reality. 

Throughout each stage of a renovation project, M&H represents the homeowner working as both designer and project manager for a smooth transition from construction to project completion. 

Styles come and go. Personal preferences change. And as families grow and evolve, so do the needs of one’s home. Let M&H be your guide through a renovation and know what’s it like to love where you live.      

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We will schedule a in-depth discussion at your space to understand your vision and how the space will be used. We explore ideas, preferences, and potential styles. The consultation is the foundation for our design process and integral for a successful partnership.

M&H Residential
M&H Interiors has been a trusted partner for homeowners in the North Shore, and throughout the Boston area. We are committed to creating spaces that are both functional and fabulous. We believe style and substance go hand-in-hand, and the result is nothing less than satisfaction.